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Honda Pilot Towing Capacity

Consider the Honda Pilot to be your go-to getaway vehicle when it's time to be a weekend warrior. You can bring your camping gear, sports equipment, and all of your friends along for the ride, thanks to a little thing we like to call "Honda Pilot towing capacity." This is more than an SUV––it's a chariot to greatness. With all of the modern comforts wrapped up in one place, what could make this vehicle stand out even more? We'll tell you what: It can tow, too.

So, Exactly How Much Can a Honda Pilot Tow?

Under the Honda Pilot towing package, a 2021 Honda Pilot 2WD (9AT) offers towing ratings of up 3,500 pounds (when properly equipped). We know that it's important to understand the depths of the Honda Pilot AWD towing capacity, which is why we try to make that available to you. We highly encourage researching the latest Honda Pilot specs. You can also visit our dealership to learn more about the benefits of the Honda Pilot and its performance capabilities.

How the Honda Pilot Tows That Much

From its inception in 2003, the Honda Pilot has been making waves. The fact that it now also has powerful towing features available is a plus. While the Pilot is not a big pickup truck, it can almost tow like one. One of the components allowing it to do this is the Honda Pilot tow hitch, otherwise known as a "trailer hitch" by Honda automotive experts.

The trailer hitch accessories are a requirement for towing, especially on the new Pilot. With such a component, towing capacity can increase up to 5,000 pounds on Pilot AWD models (assuming that you also include a dealer-installed ATF cooler component).

In short, your midsize SUV can tow the weight of a large meteor––there's nothing midsized about it. Interested? See our Honda Parts Department and browse our catalog with a professional.

Towing Capacity Calculations & How They Work

If it interests you, we can tell you how towing capacity with a standard 2WD Honda Pilot works. Generally speaking, the towing capacity is the maximum amount of mass your SUV can tow when pulling things like ATVs, trailers, and more.

There are multiple ways to measure your towing capacity. To find this weight, your manufacturers take your Pilot's towing capacity and subtract the vehicle's curb weight from the Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating––also known as GCVWR. The GCVWR is the total weight of your loaded Honda Pilot SUV, along with the weight of an attached trailer.

Learn More About Our Honda SUVs Here

The experts at Muller Honda of Highland Park are here to ensure you have access to a great selection of premium Honda SUVs for sale. Our dedication to the brand is the reason why we know so much about things like the Honda Pilot towing capacity.

With our help, you can easily slide behind the wheel of a bold vehicle sporting excellent payload ratings and excellent cargo space. In addition to the two towing figures previously noted by our experts, the new Pilot also features up to 152.9 cu. ft. of passenger volume and 109.0 cu. ft.1 behind the first row––that's just on the base (LX) trim.

If you would like to figure out how to get ahead of your next adventure with all of your favorite fun items in tow, contact the experts at our car dealership today. We love Honda vehicles, especially the ones that can tow thousands.

1Cargo volume based on SAE J1100 cargo volume measurement standard plus, where applicable, floor space between seating rows and seats in their forward-most and upright position.

Honda Pilot Towing Capacity Chart

Honda Pilot 2WD
Honda Pilot AWD
2020 - 2021
3,500 pounds
5,000 pounds
2016 - 2019
3,500 pounds
5,000 pounds
2012 - 2015
2,000 pounds
4,500 pounds
2009 - 2011
3,500 pounds
4,500 pounds
2003 - 2008
3,500 pounds (for all trailer types)
4,500 pounds (for boat trailers)

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