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Honda ECON Button: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Honda ECON Button Comprehensive Information

The Honda ECON Button is a handy tool that can help you save fuel during this era of high gasoline prices. If used at the correct times, you won't even notice that your vehicle is operating differently in the name of efficiency. There are a number of circumstances in which you will want to use the ECON button to switch into the ECO driving mode.

This article will explain what the ECON button does, when to use it, and when to avoid the ECO driving mode. This economical feature is found on a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from the classic Honda Civic to larger Honda SUV models.

ECON Button Honda: What It Does

ECON Button Honda: What It Does

The Honda ECON Button does four things when you engage it. Your vehicle will adopt a different throttle response, limit shifting, reduce fuel injection, and limit the air conditioning system. These four functions combine to greatly reduce your vehicle's fuel use, allowing you to save money at the pump, and are explained in more depth below:

ECO Mode Throttle Response

The ECON button, when engaged, limits the mid-range throttle response. This only affects your driving experience during specific experiences, namely when you want to accelerate more when you're already moving at highway speeds. However, you'll still be able to leap forward from a standstill or easily decrease your speed. Limiting the mid-range throttle reduces fuel consumption, making this a key element of the Honda ECO mode.

ECO Mode Shifting Limits

Shifting gears frequently is a fuel-intensive process. Once you've pressed the Honda ECON button, you'll find that your transmission will only shift when it's essential. Like the reduction in throttle response, this will only affect your driving in limited circumstances. If you're traveling through hilly terrain, for example, you'll find that downshifting occurs less frequently, which can cause you to lose some momentum when traveling downhill. Overall, however, this function does a great job of limiting gas usage.

ECO Mode Fuel Injection Reduction

Fuel injection is, in a phrase, what propels your car down the road. Fuel is injected into the engine, which powers the internal combustion process. Limiting this injection is good for fuel economy but also reduces your vehicle's power. Once you've reached highway speeds or are traveling around the city, this does not pose an issue. If you're trying to accelerate on the highway, it may cause some headaches, however.

ECO Mode A/C Reduction

This last feature of the ECO mode in Honda vehicles is rather simple to grasp: using the Honda ECON button limits the power attributed to the air conditioning system in your car. Cooling a vehicle requires a lot of power, so cutting back on this function saves some fuel.

ECON Button Honda Tip: When To Use It

The best time to enable your ECON button Honda CR-V response is when you're cruising on the highway or traveling in the city or another location where you frequently stop and start without hitting high speeds. The four functions described above do not heavily impact your driving behavior or abilities in these circumstances.

The ECON button in Honda vehicles is also useful when it's not too warm, and you won't miss your full-power air conditioning system. You can always roll down the window, even in the summer, to enjoy a cooling breeze, so the days when this option will make sense may be more numerous than you'd expect.

ECON Button Honda Tip: When To Use It

ECON Button Honda Tip: When Not To Use It

The Honda ECON button will make accelerating on the highway much more difficult for your vehicle. When first merging into highway traffic, you probably want to avoid using the ECO mode. Since the air conditioning will be weaker while you're saving fuel, it's also best practice to avoid using it on sweltering days.

Get a Fuel-Efficient Honda Vehicle Today

We hope you enjoy our discussion of the ECON button. Honda Civic cars and other vehicles are aided by this ingenious design. This innovation allows you to save money with minimal disruption to your driving — all while helping the environment. If you're interested in using this compelling feature, consider our new Honda CR-V or even the Honda CR-V Hybrid. The hybrid model will help you save even more money at the pump. Please reach out to our friendly team if you want to learn more about the Honda ECON button or to schedule a test drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to drive with the ECON on or off?

Much of the time, it is better to drive with the ECO mode on. There are only some limited circumstances where you'll notice the performance effects it has on your vehicle, and it helps save on gasoline. However, it is not ideal on hot days or when racing down the highway.

Does Honda ECON mode save gas?

The Honda ECON button does save fuel. By limiting the throttle, shifting less often, cutting back on the air conditioning, and limiting fuel injection, the Honda ECO mode helps you save gasoline and, therefore, money. The planet doesn't mind, either.

When should I use ECON mode in a Honda CR-V?

You should use the ECON button in your Honda CR-V when traveling around the city or when you've reached your comfortable cruising speed on the highway. During these circumstances, the performance changes are not very noticeable.

How much gas does the ECO Mode save in a Honda Civic?

It's hard to say how much fuel the ECO mode saves you when driving a Honda Civic. This is because different people will adapt differently to the changes in performance caused by this driving mode.

Can you press the ECON button while driving?

In a word, yes. You usually won't activate the ECO mode until you've started driving the car. That isn't to say that you can't start the vehicle up and then hit the Honda ECON button before you shift out of park — that works too.

When should I turn on my ECON button?

You should turn on your ECO mode when you want to save fuel, which is pretty much always, and when you're not in a bad circumstance for its use. When trying to get up to speed on the highway or when it's quite hot out, you should probably hold off on the ECO mode temporarily.

Does ECON mode make your car slower?

Using the Honda ECO mode does not suddenly make your car slower overall. It limits your ability to accelerate under certain circumstances, but you'll still be able to set the cruise control appropriately for highway speeds.