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Tire Rotation Service In Highland Park Near Chicago, IL

Muller Honda Service Special

Tire Rotation Service Special

You might think that a tire rotation is a very niche service with a purpose known only by automotive experts. Did you know that getting your tires rotated regularly can ensure the longevity of not only your tires but your entire vehicle? If you don't get a regular tire rotation and balance, a lot of problems can occur. The service specialists in our tire center near Arlington Heights are here to rotate your tires and take care of any other tire-related service needs that you might have. Until then, let's take care of a few frequently asked questions that come up about tire rotations.


How Often Do I Need a Tire Rotation?

Tire rotation frequency can depend on several factors. How often you drive your vehicle is one of them. There are different suggestions for how often people need to change their tires. You can go by mileage, in which case we suggest a rotation every 5,000 to 8,000 miles, or you can go by time period - about every three months (we recommend whichever comes first).

How Much Does a Tire Rotation Cost?

At Muller Honda in Highland Park, we usually charge $21.95 for a simple tire rotation. This number isn't including our specials and other tire care services you may need.

Are Tire Rotations Necessary?

Long story short: YES!

It is incredibly important to rotate your tires in order to make sure that you get the proper lifespan out of them (as well as your money's worth). Tire rotations are carried out in order to make sure your tires wear evenly. If you don't rotate your tires, one or two tires could become much more worn than the others, leading to a possible blowout or other hazardous situations. For example, a tire rotation for Front-Wheel Drive vehicles is incredibly essential because the two front wheels are taking the brunt of all the torque and friction all the time. So, they'll get worn out a lot quicker than the back tires.

A lot of people also have questions when it comes to tire rotation pattern. You can get your tires rotated in a rearward cross pattern, x-pattern, or forward cross pattern. What pattern you need is going to be dependent on your drivetrain and how worn each tire is. Ask our specialists to see what's best for your car's needs.

Tire Rotation Specials at Muller Honda of Highland Park

We have tire rotation specials going on frequently. However, we also have an incredibly popular offer that you should take advantage of. If you purchase a set of tires from us, you get free tire rotations for the life of those tires––that's not a deal that every dealer can offer! Call us to find out more about our specials or schedule tire rotation or oil change services today.

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