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Honda Keyless Battery Change In Highland Park, IL

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Honda Keyless Battery Replacement Service in Highland Park, IL

Servicing Your Keyless Battery

Keep calm and Honda on! Life is hectic living anywhere near Chicago. We're all in this together, so there's no need to panic just because the battery is exhausted in your keyfob. If you think it's time for Honda keyless fob battery replacement, you might be right! That said, we may be able to save you a trip to our parts department or service center to replace your Honda fob battery. This handy article goes over system operation, common symptoms, as well as a few tips and tricks to try before coming to see us! Although candidly, we understand if you wanted to come in anyway because the new Honda CR-V has been looking pretty amazing this year. Just saying.

Honda Keyless Fob Battery Replacement 101

You're standing in the parking lot of your neighborhood supermarket somewhere in Highland Park, IL. You have a basket full of groceries, and you swipe at your foot sensors under your rear bumper for the tailgate to open, and nothing happens. No biggie. Maybe the sensors are covered in dirt. You go to pull the driver's door handle. Nothing. Ok FINE. You reach into your pocket, grab your fob, furiously push the buttons, and still nothing happens. Now what? That vanilla ice cream is going to melt soon. And the clock is ticking.

For a moment, you think, "Has my trusty Honda Accord become a statistic and let me down?" Nope. There could be a few simple explanations:

  • You've recently replaced the battery under your hood, and the system is unsynced.
  • Your fob battery has said, "Sayonara."
  • Your fob buttons are old, worn, and not making contact with the fob's circuitry.

The good news is that all Honda vehicles are designed to be very user friendly. So whether you drive the Honda HR-V, Honda Civic, or any other model, you can follow these simple steps to get things under control.

Spirits High - Honda Keyless Remote Battery Low

Relax. You’ve got this. Key fobs will vary in style from year to year and model to model, but the first thing you can do is remove the actual metal portion of the key - known as the blade. Adjacent to your door handle should either be a lock to insert the blade or a cap to remove and reveal the lock. Oftentimes you can insert your key blade underneath and into the cap to gently pry it off. Gaining access now is as simple as turning the key. If you have a push-button start Honda, hold the fob close to the push button while pressing it, or you can hold the fob underneath the steering column or footwell area. The system will always be able to detect the circuity of your fob, allowing the vehicle to start. If your Honda starts now, hooray! If your vehicle doesn't start, take note of your dome lights and courtesy lamps. Do they illuminate? If not, maybe you left an accessory on, and your car battery has run flat.

Another great way to determine classic "Honda keyless entry battery low" status would be to try your other handset! If it works, you know your primary fob requires Honda keyless fob battery replacement. If your 2nd fob doesn't work, you may need to synchronize the system.

Assuming you have a good battery under the hood, a good battery in your fob, and that you are at home, with your vanilla ice cream safe and sound, it's time to try your hand at reprogramming your fob:

  • Step 1: Find all available fobs.
  • Step 2: Sit in the vehicle with all the doors closed and unlocked.
  • Step 3: With your foot off the brake, push the start button to access accessory mode. If you have a traditional ignition, turn the key one position to Key On Engine Off mode (KOEO).
  • Step 4: Within 5 seconds of getting to KOEO position, press the LOCK button on your remote control transmitter for one second.
  • Step 5: Turn the key to the OFF position.
  • Step 6: Go through steps 4 & 5 two more times. Totaling THREE ON/OFF cycles. Keep in mind that each step must be done within 5 seconds of the previous step.
  • Step 7: Go back to KOEO mode. Now, press the LOCK button on your remote. The locks on your Honda will activate exactly as they do when locking. Your doors have not locked. This clicking noise indicates your Honda is now in Remote Programming Mode. Do not turn the key off.
  • Step 8: When you program more than one remote, press the LOCK button on each additional remote for 1 second. Keep in mind you have 5 seconds to complete this step (as above). Programming Mode is enabled for only 10 seconds. Keep in mind that the door lock clicking is your signal that the fob has been successfully programmed.
  • Step 9: Switch the system off, exit the vehicle, and retest to ensure successful reprogramming.

Success? Hooray! Not so much? Not a problem. There could be a more complex issue at play, or maybe it's time to let the helpful Honda people handle your Honda keyless fob battery replacement! You fought the good fight; now let our service department near Arlington Heights show you that Honda keyless battery replacement is easier than you think!

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