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WE ARE OPEN! 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
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Alignment Service

Honda Alignment Service

Maximize the performance of your Honda when you take care of the wheel alignment.

Honda Wheel Alignment in Highland Park

At Muller Honda, we offer alignment checks to keep your Honda in great shape. If you live in Highland Park, Skokie, Evanston, Arlington Heights, or Chicago, IL, our service center is conveniently located to give you the service your Honda needs. Our goal is to make sure your wheels are properly aligned, offering two-wheel alignment and four-wheel alignment services when the need comes up. You can have tires that last 45,000 miles or longer, but that comes with routine wheel alignment services to avoid uneven wear and tear.


Certified Alignment Services:

  • Two-Wheel Alignment - Also known as a front-end alignment, two-wheel alignment is generally performed on vehicles with a solid rear axle; it involves inspecting and adjusting the camber, toe, and caster angles on the front wheels.
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  • Four-Wheel Alignment - Vehicles with independent or semi-independent rear suspensions will need to have the camber, toe, and caster angles inspected and adjusted on all four wheels; this is also called an all-wheel alignment.
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Wheel Alignment in Highland Park, Skokie, and Chicago, IL

Small bumps in the road, potholes, and curbs can all cause your wheels to fall out of alignment. Honda alignment in Highland Park involves looking over your wheel alignment in order to improve your suspension and steering capabilities. You may not notice if your alignment is off, but one of our skilled technicians will be able to inspect your wheels for any problems.

If you drive your vehicle around and the wheels are out of alignment, your tires are going to wear down faster. You can end up with one or two tires that need to be replaced before the other ones. Your gas mileage can decrease if your tires are wearing unevenly. You can have your wheels aligned as a stand-alone service, or request a wheel alignment when you are getting another service done, such as an oil change.

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Your Wheel Alignment in Highland Park

Understand that your Honda vehicle will always be taken good care of when you visit our service center. We use OEM parts, and our technicians are trained to meet the high standards we set for excellence. You can wait for your two-wheel alignment or four-wheel alignment in our comfortable Highland Park waiting room. We provide complimentary coffee and beverages, a tv, and comfortable seating while you wait for your vehicle to be serviced.

Schedule Wheel Alignment Services

Use our online scheduling system, or call our service center to have your wheel alignment in Highland Park done. You can also visit our express service center if you have a problem with the way your vehicle is driving that can't wait. We offer an automated system to make scheduling your two-wheel alignment or four-wheel alignment easy. Muller Honda of Highland Park is ready to serve residents in Highland Park, Skokie, Evanston, Arlington Heights, and Chicago, IL for tire services and all other vehicle maintenance or repair needs.